Contact information:

Phone: 626-823-0642
Address: 254 South Delacey Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105


Feel free to schedule a consultation to have your questions answered regarding the important decision about whether to begin therapy or testing. You can be provided with other referrals should you or I decide that your needs are not best served in this office.

Consultation hours:

Appointments are available weekdays, including evenings.


The fee for my professional services will be established during the initial sessions. Payment of services is expected at the beginning of each session unless arrangements have been made for you to be billed monthly. I accept payment by cash or check. I do not participate in any insurance policies and am not responsible for insurance billing. I will provide you with monthly statements for your records, which are suitable to present to your insurance carrier for possible reimbursement (most PPO plans). I would encourage you to inquire with your insurance company in advance about limitations on reimbursements, session limits, etc. (See “Selecting a Therapist“)